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Espresso Trade-in  
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Espresso machine - Trade-in options

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vienna deluxe sm.jpg


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  royal coffee bar large ppic.png

Vienna Superautomatica Regular price $499.00 


Vienna Deluxe  Rapid Steam fully automatic  Regular price $599.00 


Gaggia Syncrony  Logic Regular price  $749.00


  Royal Professional    Regular price   $1500.00

 Trade-in Price: $399.00


Trade-in price: $499.00


Trade-in price $625.00


Trade-in price $1400.00

Reasons to consider a trade-in for new, fully automatic Saeco espresso  machine:   

Existing espresso maker has been used for more than 5, 10 or 15 years.

Existing espresso maker needs expensive repairs

Wish to Upgrade your old semi-automatic model with a fully automatic model.

Do not have enough time every morning to use a semi automatic espresso maker 

 You want to give a gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Trade-in any old machine of any model from the following manufacturer brands:

Capresso, Gaggia, Jura, LaPavoni, Saeco, Solis, Spidem, Pasquini, Francis Francis & Silvia

 Adjust $100.00 from the price of a new Saeco brand, fully automatic machine. The Saeco fully automatic espresso machines are simple to operate, priced reasonable and have available excellent after sales service. Parts are easily available. Saeco and Saeco's highly experienced Service centers (including us) are eager to provide unparalleled service.


Old & very old espresso maker, working or not is OK - machine should be clean & not stripped of parts. This offer is available for customers in Continental USA only. Full manufacturer's warranty is covered in the price of new machine.

Best quality of espresso is made with better knowledge of coffee and coffee maker

 The option for trade-in espresso machine displayed above include the best models as we know them for quality of product, convenience of use and low maintenance cost. Why we offer limited few models?

Please check availability of the model, before shipping your old machine. 

Order online

The old machine should be shipped to the address below. Please mark the box "For Trade in".

Services Unlimited, Inc./Parts Guru 

650 North Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446 

Phone: 1-888-950-4878 


 Why we do not sell or recommend some brands

Our evaluation of espresso makers is based on technical features, availability of parts and after sales service facilities. We do not test espresso machines against payments, paid advertisements or because a free machine was given for a favorable report by making a few espresso. 

Almost all espresso machines (Other than Astra Espresso) are assembled in Europe. Their products are sold through exclusive importer agent in each country.

As technicians, we have repaired 8,000 different espresso machines over a period of 15 years. We have seen the performance, experienced the bad designs and fixed the problems in almost every class of small medium or large size espresso machines. 

 The manufacturers Jura, Capresso, Pasquini & Francis Francis or their exclusive agents/importers in USA exploit their exclusive status by focusing only on sale of equipment & refuse to supply parts or service information to any regional parts dealer or Service provider.

Their single location workshop is always back logged, voice mail boxes may be full and repairs turn around time is extended over several weeks.

We, therefore, do not recommend or sell the following Brands of home espresso machines:

1- Jura    2- Capresso  3- Pasquini   4- Francis Francis


We recommend the following Brands & models of espresso machines: 


Saeco - Vienna Black or Vienna Deluxe, Magic Comfort Plus & Royal line (Redesigned models).

Gaggia - Syncrony Logic and Syncrony Digital.

 LaPavoni - Lever models Europiccola & Professional. Pump models Portafino and Nepolitana.

Astra espress machines (Made in USA) - Semi-automatic Home & Commercial models (Mega & Gourmet lines)
 Rancilio - Silvia (for those who like 'Hands on experience' of making espresso).







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